Solid Carbide Tungsten Slitting Saw Blade Cutter


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The tungsten steel saw blade is made of extremely ultra-fine diamond tungsten steel material, which has good wear resistance and impact resistance.

Suitable for medium and high-speed cutting and finishing of various materials of HRC28 ° ~ 48 ° More than 3 times the service life.

Generally used for good and stable working conditions, good part clamping and continuous medium and high-speed light cutting.

It is mainly used for milling and slot processing of common steel, hardened steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials and stainless steel, titanium alloy, printed circuit boards and other difficult-to-machine materials. Compared with high-speed steel saw blade milling cutter, it can realize high-speed milling and high processing efficiency. The milling groove has precise dimensions and good finish, and the product quality is high. Suitable for CNC milling machine, special automatic slot milling machine, fully automatic milling machine, etc.