BSKT Tungsten Steel Thread Milling Cutter BSP(G) BSPT(RC) 55° Inch Integral Tungsten Steel Tapered Pipe Thread Cutter


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brand: BSKT


Specification: BSP1/16-28*D6 handle, BSP1/8-28*D8 handle, BSP1/4-19*D8 handle, BSP1/4-19*D10 handle, BSP3/8-19*D12 handle, BSP3/4-14 *D12 shank, BSP1/2-14*D16 shank, BSP1'-11*D16 shank, BSP=G thread, model *thread-pitch*shank diameter, hard material can choose thick shank, BSPT1/16-28*D6 Shank, BSPT1/8-28*D8 Shank, BSPT1/4-19*D8 Shank, BSPT1/4-19*D10 Shank, BSPT3/8-19*D12 Shank, BSPT3/4-14*D12 Shank, BSPT1/2 -14*D16 handle, BSPT1'-11*D16 handle, BSPT=RC, all the above are in stock, 3.1*8L*D4*50*55°, 3.5*10L*D4*50*55°, 4.0*12L*D4 *50*55°,6.0*14L*D6*50*55°,8.0*19L*D8*60*55°,10*30L*D10*75*55°,12*38L*D12*75*55°, Blade diameter*avoidance length*D shank diameter*total length*degrees, the above are all coated inch single-tooth thread milling cutters

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